Looking for ideas on how to make your outdoor areas as beautiful as possible? There is no limit to garden applications that can enhance this space and make it fully functional, including decking and pergolas, decor and accessories, gardening tools, irrigation, landscaping, hardscaping and rainwater tanks.
  • Boreholes

    Reduce your monthly household cost by investing in a borehole. Our trusted professionals will guide you through the whole process from start to finish, thereby assisting you to make the most of natural resources. View Products

  • Garden Decor & Accessories

    Remember it's the little finishing touches that make the biggest impact. The same applies in your garden. With these garden decor and accessories, you will have a beautiful landscape right outside your front door. View Products

  • Garden Furniture

    Choose garden furniture which not only enhances your outdoor living space but is also durable so that it can withstand whatever the weather throws at it. View Products

  • Pergolas

    Pergolas or arbours can create a shaded walkway in your garden for perfect sun protection. They also have beautiful designs that create scenic landscaping feature. View Products

  • Pots & Planters

    Decorative pots have been used for generations to add colour to any area. View Products

  • Rainwater Harvesting

    Water is fast becoming our most precious resource. Ensure that you are making the most of natural rain water by using these rainwater harvesting techniques and tanks. View Products

  • Water Fountains

    Water fountains create a sense of tranquility and peace. A must for any garden! View Products