3 Ways Kitchen Countertops Will Enhance Your Kitchen

Your kitchen countertop is probably the one thing you will spend the most on when redesigning your kitchen and with good reason. Not only does your kitchen countertop assist you when cooking and entertaining but it rounds of your kitchen with character, almost like a good haircut.

Here are 3 ways that a kitchen countertop can totally enhance the look of your kitchen:


White kitchens will probably never go out of trend. White kitchens are easy to enhance with accessories and update with new trends as the time goes by. A dark natural stone countertop will give your kitchen that classic, elegant look that will showcase sophistication. You can easily include other dark elements such as your kitchen splash backs or chairs, to complement your countertop.


Maybe you love dark rich cabinetry? Using a very light natural stone or engineered stone countertop will give you a dramatic effect that will draw attention to your countertop. You will have the freedom to enhance this look with light or bright accessories.


Naturally sweet

If a more traditional kitchen reflects your personal style then this is just for you. Soft, pastel colours are a big trend that is being followed in 2016. A light, wood-like countertop will compliment your soft colours, making your kitchen warm and inviting.


Burst of colours

Rules are there to be broken right? If you feel like being a bit more adventurous then why not choose a countertop in a bright, shocking colour like a lime green, citrus orange or bright blue. If you are the type of person that needs to be inspired while cooking, then this is for you. Engineered Stone countertops can be manufactured in almost any colour.


There really isn’t any restriction when it comes to choosing a countertop colour that will reflect your personality. Spicy up your kitchen with countertops that will enhance your lifestyle.

If you want to update and replace your kitchen countertops from one of our trusted suppliers below. You could also enhance your current countertops with a kitchen splashback from Echo Glass- the glass specialist.

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