5 Ways To Increase Your Homes Security

Your homes’ security is the most important aspect to consider, whether you live alone or have a family to take care of. Being prepared is vital, even in times of power failures. You need to be sure that intruders don’t enter your home when you are sleeping, when you are away at work or enjoying your annual vacation. We have looked at 5 ways to increase the security of your home.

Aluminium Expandable Gates


Aluminium expandable gates are a great addition to your home as they are extremely tough and durable making them effective in keeping intruders out. Aluminium expandable gates can be installed on doors of any sizes, windows as well as in your home as a permanent fixture. These gates protect you while giving you full visibility of your environment.



Window shutter can be manufactured from a variety of materials making it perfect for any space, but aluminium has proven to be the top contender when it comes to securing your home. Aluminium window shutters dramatically improves the security of your home while being aesthetically pleasing. Shutters allow you to control the amount of light you would like to enter your home.

Transparent Burglar Bars


Transparent Burglar Bars are custom made to attach to your window frames. Because they are transparent, they are not easily detected and will not obstruct your view, making it very difficult for intruders to enter your home. These bars have immense strength and cannot easily be removed. With transparent burglar bars you can sleep peacefully at night with your windows open.

Security Doors


When you hear the term “security door” your mind automatically thinks of a security gate. Security Doors are in a class of their own. These doors are enhance and strengthened, with a multi-locking system of up to 14 locking points. There are many benefits, plus they look great. They can be designed to look like a woodgrain door.

Security Beams

If an intruder so happens to get past your first line of security an automatic outdoor security system is just what you need to warm you before an intruder even reaches you homes entrances. Security beams work wirelessly with a receiver. Security Beams are pet friendly and works effectively to eliminate false alarms.

Keep your family safe from intruders and protect your assets. Invest in a good security system to ensure that you are prepared. Feel Safe Doors can manufacture a custom designed solution for your home. CFL Kitchens install reliable transparent burglar bars. Door King is the leading supplier of multi-locking door systems.

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