A variety of decking options

With TimberMax, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing the right decking options for your home. From Massaranduba and garapa to balau and rosewood, there is an array of different decking materials for you to choose from — each one a beautiful application that is long-lasting and simply stunning.

Decking options

Massaranduba — This attractive red brown timber is uniform in colour and available in long lengths. It is one of the most durable and hardwearing timbers in the world and over the past five years has proven itself to last very well both at the coast and in areas with extreme climate changes.

Saligna — Saligna is a locally grown timber with a pinkish red colour. It is of medium density and requires regular maintenance, however it is the most cost effective decking option available.

Wooden Decking

Garapa — This is a South American timber with an even yellow colour which changes to red brown when exposed to sunlight. It is very durable and stable and lasts well in most climates.

Balau — This well-known Indonesian timber is very durable and often used in areas where little or no maintenance is required. The timber turns to a silver grey colour if not oiled. Balau is more suited for a coastal climate and tend to shrink/move excessively in the drier more extreme climates.

Zim Teak — Zimbabwean or Rhodesian Teak is one of the most frequently used hardwoods in South Africa both as decking and flooring. Teak is normally available in shorter lengths ranging between 500mm — 2000mm. The timber has a very pronounced grain with definite sapwood and heartwood colour variations.

Decking Options

Merbau — Merbau is an excellent and very stable timber for use as both flooring and decking. It is uniform brown in colour and available in long lengths. The timber is relatively expensive but is definitely one of the best flooring and decking timbers available.

Rosewood — This beautiful hardwood is mainly sourced from Zambia and Zimbabwe and is popular for flooring and furniture. It has a very pronounced grain but is uniform pinkish brown in colour. Available in mainly shorter lengths from 500mm — 2700mm.

Being one of the principal suppliers of timber flooring and decking to trade, TimberMax’s clientele includes the majority of the reputable flooring and decking installation companies in South Africa — through which they are able to offer expert advice and assistance with projects of any size.

No matter what wooden decking options you select, you can rest assured that it will age and mature with complete grace as TimberMax only manufactures timber floors which adhere to the highest standards using the most up-to-date production technology

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