Achieving your perfect kitchen

How long is a kitchen actually supposed to last? Experts suggest that a well-planned kitchen should give about 15 to 20 years lifespan before renovation should be considered. The kitchen is the heart of the home – a place where family meets, where food is prepared and served, and where clean-up occurs. As such, your kitchen’s design should be well-thought out, aesthetically pleasing and a generally enjoyable place to be. With Doorco Kitchens, planning your perfect kitchen is a breeze. The company’s experts will guide you from design to implementation as well as how best to use the space.

So what does one need to complete their perfect kitchen? Let’s start with appliances, because this is a fairly costly exercise if you are stocking a brand new kitchen. A fridge that works to enhance the standing decor and design of your kitchen is a must-have.

Stoves and ovens are the next big appliances you will need to buy, along with an extractor fan. The extractor fan enables to get rid of unwanted steam and air excesses caused from cooking, as well as actually making your food healthier. Small appliances like blenders, steamers (for the healthier eaters), a microwave and a toaster are also necessary, as are coffee machines. Of course, if you want to be able to house all these appliances in one room, attention must be paid to your kitchen workflow, as well as creating ample storage space.

KitchenAchieving your perfect kitchen isn’t as difficult as most believe. In fact, it comes down to a few basic principles.

  • When kitchen planning begins, plot sufficient storage space. There is nothing worse than a cluttered kitchen where workflow doesn’t occur;
  • Use pull out drawers rather than shelves in base cabinets. Not only is this more pleasing to look at, it functions much better;
  • Use products that function the way you need them to: lighting should be effective but not over-done, countertops should have a chic surface design that is long lasting, and appliances should be purchased to last.

An increasingly popular trend in kitchen design these days is to have different “rooms” or areas for different functions. For instance, having a separate pantry as opposed to a pantry cupboard allows for more space, as well making your food and spices easier to locate. A scullery is also a popular alternative to a simple kitchen sink, so that clean-up can be hidden and more space is allowed for the activity.

With Doorco Kitchens, planning a new kitchen is a fun and exciting activity, thought it can also be a fairy costly one. Select the best quality kitchen designers for a kitchen that is built to last, and be sure to stock it with appliances (both large and small) that function to enhance your cooking spaces.

*This article was sponsored by Doorco Kitchens

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