Balustrade materials: which is right for your home?

Balustrades are defined as an ornamental rail or coping which is used to accent staircases and other areas and enhance safety. Depending on the type of application, there is a variety of different balustrade materials to use in the home. Balustrades can be used for staircases, swimming pools and balcony enclosures.

Wooden balustrades
Wood is a very reliable product and for this reason has always been a popular choice as balustrade materials. Wooden balustrades are not difficult to maintain, and add warmth to the home space while providing the safety features required for lining and framing staircases.

Steel balustrades
Among the many benefits of stainless steel applications, longevity comes to mind. Stainless steel balustrades add a modern feature to the staircase design with smooth finishes and sinuous detail.

Glass balustrades
Nowadays, glass balustrades are becoming increasingly popular due to their unobstructed views and clean design. Glass can provide a beautiful balustrade design and is also enhanced for safety using toughened safety glass, usually at a 9mm standard. Frameless glass balustrades are appealing and stylish and are great for people who like open plan living.

Iron balustrades
One of the most beautiful and ornate ways to enhance your staircase design or balcony railing is through wrought iron or cast iron applications. These designs can be intricately or beautifully crafted and add not only a safety feature to your home, but also an artistic expressions of metalwork.

Concrete balustrades
Concrete systems have been used in residential and office spaces for many years, and for good reason. Concrete balustrades and handrails offer a sense of “old world” charm and are timeless in design. These can be customised to suit your needs and décor style, and add a perfect flair of theatrical beauty to a home’s grand entrance.

With a choice of balustrade materials in wood, steel, glass, iron and concrete, you can customise your home balustrade designs to ensure a perfect décor motif that echoes through the entire home.

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