Bathroom Cladding Options

There are many ways you could renovate your bathroom to look unique and different but have you ever thought of incorporating cladding into your bathroom design rather than tiles? Tiles have been the trusted choice for many years but cladding is an innovative way to add a stunning finish to your bathroom.


Using cladding in your bathroom has many different benefits like being low maintenance & hard wearing, provides insulation for your bathroom and has the ability to add unique character to your bathroom.

Wooden Cladding


Wooden Cladding will add a warm, natural feel to your bathroom. You may think that the bathroom is not the ideal place for wood, but when the wood is properly and thoroughly sealed, the wood will resist the mildew formed in bathrooms. However, the wooden cladding is best not used in showers and bathtubs.  Wooden cladding doesn’t require any grouting which gives you bathroom a clean and smooth finish. Wooden cladding provides insulation properties, as wood retains heat more than ordinary tiles. Using wooden cladding on you bathroom walls, in combination with a complimentary tile, it will take your bathroom to the next level. Wooden cladding allows you the freedom to easily add shelves and accessories such as mirrors to your bathroom wall.

Stone Cladding


Stone cladding will add a particular rustic elegance to your bathroom. Stone cladding can be used in any part of your bathroom and works great to highlight a certain feature of your bathroom such as your bath tub. Stone cladding around the bottom of your bath will make you bathroom truly different or by incorporating the stone cladding with your vanity unit.  With the wide range of textures and shapes available, you can transform your bathroom into something spectacular.

Brick Cladding


Brick is a material usually used outdoors for strong structures. Brick cladding is the perfect way to take a strong material and incorporate it for décor purposes giving your bathroom a modern industrial look that shows sophistication. Brick cladding is best used on your feature wall where you would like to highlight a bath or shower. Brick cladding offers insulation properties and because it is made to withstand the harsh outdoor elements, you can be sure that the heat from your bathroom will not have a negative effect on the cladding.

If you do not want to renovate your entire bathroom, cladding is the one feature that can transform your current bathroom to make it look brand new. Cladding has come a long way, and will continue to inspire.

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