Bathroom Design: Tranquillity

When people are asked what they want from their bathroom design, most people desire a balance between functionality and harmony. They want it to operate as a place that hushes modern aggravation, allows for privacy, achieves hygiene demands and generally looks good.



Visually speaking, using white in the home enhances the perception of space, turning small spaces into seemingly much larger areas. There is a consensus among bathroom designers that, in order to achieve maximum effect, textures should be added to augment this space, for instance pebble effects or even wall cladding designs.



Include accent pieces in the space, which can draw attention to a focal point, for instance a bouquet of fresh red roses on your vanity surface, or a yellow painting on the wall. Remember that not all whites are the same, and making use of different shades of white will also add personality to the space, while maintaining the clean and sophisticated look and feel.



Creating a tranquil bathroom space is perhaps one of the easiest designs to achieve, with the biggest benefits. According to psychological responses to colour therapy, white shades indicate hygiene, sterility, clarity, purity, cleanness, sophistication and simplicity. You can’t go wrong. Furthermore, white is the colour for total reflection, so if it’s peace and tranquillity you are after with regards to your bathroom space, you don’t have to look much further.

White also adds an understated touch of luxury to the bathroom spaces. Not only does it allow for much calmer states of mind as you enter the room, but it also inspires a sense of modest lavishness coupled with clean comfort. White bathrooms are easier to clean and generally smell much fresher.



Adding wooden touches to the bathroom space is another way of enhancing this serene design. Use soft, light woods for cabinets and shelves, and there’s always the idea of incorporating a Japanese bath tub, called a Furo (formal version Ofuro). These short, steep-sided wooden tubs (which can also be made of plastic, acrylic or stainless steel) has a deeper construction than normally seen in bath tub designs, and were originally created for relaxing and warming.


This is a popular signature piece for architects and designers in Europe and the US. Among the many reasons this bath tub is such a popular design is because it makes use of a ‘deep soak’ bathing technique that allows for your entire body to be submerged. They also have noted health benefits, among them being hot water therapy (hydrotherapy) which relaxes muscles and joints, as well as achieving general peace of mind.

Remember that white and wood never go out of style, and when you decide to renovate your bathroom in years to come, it also acts as a clean canvas on which you can create new ideas and designs.

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