Bathroom heating

Bathroom heating solutions have taken the home industry by storm, allowing for an enjoyable winter experience in a sanctuary of warmth. Solutions like heated towel rails, underfloor heating, heaters and window treatments will make you bathroom a haven of heat and luxury.

Heated towel rail

Heated towel rails

Heated towel rails, according to Home Based Helper, are a dual-purpose solution formed in a ladder-like design. They are often made from stainless steel heat and cool quickly, which makes them ideal for rooms that would require fast action. Heated towel rails very quickly heat up towels so that when you step out of the bath or shower, you can immerse yourself in luxuriant warmth and fluffiness. As a multifunctional tool, heated towel rails also warm the bathroom itself.

Underfloor heating

Electric Underfloor Heating online suggests that underfloor heating installations have grown in popularity over recent years and not only add value to your property, but are becoming increasingly energy-efficient. They offer the following tips for installing electric underfloor heating in the bathroom:

  • Electric underfloor heating installations must be connected to the earth leakage trip protected circuit;
  • Applications in the bathroom, wet room and shower room must use heating cables or mats with an earth screen to comply with wiring regulations;
  • Always choose a thermostat that measures floor temperature as stat must be mounted outside the Bathroom.

Underfloor heating bathroom


Lighting is not considered a stand-alone method of warming your bathroom, however a lot can be said for the perception of warmth through lighting techniques. When used in combination with other heating solutions, lighting can significantly enhance the idea of warmth in the bathroom.


There are three types of bathroom heaters according to Jaclyn Fitzgerald: overhead heaters, wall mounted heaters and radiant heaters. Overhead heaters are ideal for smaller bathrooms as they are compact in design and can provide generous amounts of heat. Wall mounted heaters are also known as panel heaters and require wall space for installation. Radiant heaters (also known as electric bar heaters) are small heaters installed on the wall of the bathroom. These can produce a lot of heat in a small space of time and will warm the whole bathroom.

Window treatments

There’s nothing worse than running a hot bath and winter, only to be frozen in the water five minutes later. Bathroom windows can significantly add to heat loss; and using window applications will not only alleviate this, but will also add style to your bathroom. Window treatments for the bathroom include material or wooden blinds and curtains.

Warm your bathroom this winter with heated towel rails, underfloor heating, lighting, heaters and window treatments to maximise warmth and minimise heat loss.

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