Bathroom Vanity Design

Choosing the right bathroom vanity cabinet can make a huge difference in your bathroom. Bathroom vanity cabinets can add character, style, and elegance. There are so many materials and options to keep in mind that it can become overwhelming. Vanity cabinets can be designed to be free standing, wall mounted, cover mounted, or wall hung.


When choosing the type of vanity for your bathroom, keep the following aspects in mind:


Where you plan to place your vanity will have a big impact on the design. Your vanity cabinet must not be in the way and disrupt the traffic flow of your bathroom. Your bathroom vanity should be placed close to your plumbing so that your taps can be connected without any hassles.


Your bathroom is a hot and humid place and you should choose materials that are able to handle the humidity of your bathroom. You need to choose a material that will be durable as well as hygienic. The most frequently used material is MDF and plywood. If you like a modern design, glass is always a winner.


The amount of storage space that you require will play a big role in the overall design of your bathroom vanity. You would have to decide how much shelf space, drawer space and cabinet space you would need.


The size of your bathroom vanity has to be in proportion to the size of your bathroom. Your bathroom vanity should not overpower the overall design of your bathroom.


When designing you bathroom vanity, you need to keep in mind who will be using the bathroom vanity. The basin should not be placed too high or low. Keep the size of the basin in mind as this might add extra height.


Your bathroom vanity can easily be enhanced with custom designed features such as LED light, designer basins, specialised taps & accessories, and more.


Bathroom vanities can be designed to reflect almost any style you can dream off from modern designs with glass to classic designs with wrought iron or traditional designs with wood.



These guidelines should help you choose the perfect vanity cabinet for your bathroom.

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