Breathing new life into wallpaper

Gone are the days of gaudy wallpaper. Do you remember the days of printed flowers in colours that were no truer to nature, than your liking was to the boldness of the pattern?

Companies like Unique Impressions are rewriting the wallpaper game, establishing a medium that not only redefines the contours of wall art but also pushes the limits of the ordinary. With products as advanced as Paintable Wallpaper, Decorative Wallpaper as well as Custom Wallpaper allowing you total freedom in the artistic expression of your home’s style.


3D Boards – Craters

Wallpaper used to be very popular in the 60’s and 70’s and with good reason — it made it possible for easy and quick changes in décor. Although options were limited back then in terms of texture and colour, new technology has empowered home owners to bring life to their homes in many more ways, elevating the age old wallpaper to new heights. Unique Impressions was founded in 2007 by Lea-Anne Massey-Hicks, and has come to be known as a market leader in wallpaper specialists.

3D wallpaper is the latest craze in wall décor technology. No more dull walls; now walls have textures and lights and shadows can play off of walls to create contours in your home. Add a beautiful floor lamp to it, and you have a completely different feel to a space.

3D Boards - Andy

3D Boards – Andy

3D Boards - Passions

3D Boards – Passions

Custom Digital Wallpaper allows you to personify your home, and add themes that are unique to your own styling. Want a nature scene to compliment the beautiful glass sliding doors you have just installed? No problem! Now you can bring the outside inside, and make memories as large as life!

Tree print custom digital wallpaper

Tree print custom digital wallpaper

Tree print custom digital wallpaper

Tree print custom digital wallpaper

Nature custom digital wallpaper

Nature custom digital wallpaper

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