Cantishade canopies

Cantishade (or cantilever structures) are ideal for sun and shade control over your doors and windows. The result: a well-protected door or window as well as reduced wear and tear through weather damage. Weather Master provides two types of cantishades for domestic application – the cantishade with a fixed ceiling and the cantishade with a pergola ceiling. These products blend in with and match the Weather Master Louvre awning.

These structures feature no front columns and therefore hang freely above doors and windows. The components traditionally slide into each other sinuously so that there are no unsightly barriers or loose parts. They are also engineered to local requirements, thus making them an ideal South African weather-resistant solution.

Cantishade with fixed ceiling

This beautiful and functional structure enables:

  • Waterproof protection for doors and windows
  • Dry entry into your home
  • Controlled water drainage into a guttering system (usually no downpipes)
  • Using the same durable finishes as the Weather Master louvre awning

Cantishade with pergola ceiling

  • Protects windows from direct sun
  • Offering natural reflected light
  • Natural ventilation
  • Using the same durable finishes as the Weather Master louvre awning

Please note that the cantishade with pergola ceiling is a sun control product only and does not accommodate waterproofing.

With 15 different colours to choose from as well as professional expertise that comes with every product purchased, choose Weather Master for all your door and window canopy requirements.

*This article was sponsored by Weather Master

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