Ceiling Roses bring sophistication to your ceiling

Ceiling Roses were originally installed to protect the ceiling from the heat and charring caused by candle or gas lighting during the Victorian period. In doing this the owner only had to re-decorate the centre piece as opposed to the entire ceiling, saving time and effort. Nowadays, it is used more for the visual appeal of your ceiling by making an aesthetic statement about a room.

A ceiling rose can change the look of any room in the same way that changing the furniture or light fittings can. Ceiling Roses break up large ceiling surfaces by creating beautiful decorative effects on ceilings. This decorative element is great for livening up your ceiling and bringing a sophisticated and timeless look to your home, while complimenting the light fittings.

Ceiling Roses

Decorative Ceiling Rose by NMC

NMC’s polystyrene ceiling roses come in seven different styles while their polyurethane ceiling roses come in thirty three different shapes and sizes. With so much variety you will be left spoilt for choice when selecting the right option for your decorative ceilings. The ceiling roses from NMC do not shrink or expand and are crack-resistant due to the products ability to absorb material movements.

By incorporating repetitive elements, you can create a playful effect on your ceiling or you can combine them with mirror lighting for a more modern touch. Allow your imagination to run wild, the possibilities are endless.

* This article is proudly brought to you by NMC

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