Central vacuum systems: Bust the dust

Do you suffer from red or watery eyes? Is your nose frequently runny, tickly or stuffy? Do you find yourself sneezing constantly? Are your ears, eyes and throat often itchy? If you experience any of these symptoms all year round, it’s possible that your body is reacting to indoor allergens such as moulds, dust and animal dander.

Simply vacuuming and dusting your home the old-fashioned way with rags and scented sprays is ineffective and can actually be harmful. This is because the dust is re-circulated and chemicals are introduced into the living environment — making it hazardous to those who suffer hay fever and allergies. To get rid of household allergens effectively, make cleaning easier AND add value to your home, why not install a central vacuum system?

Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners, where you have to lug a heavy canister from room to room or up and down stairs, with a central vacuum system the only thing you need to carry is a lightweight hose and power brush unit. 137313217-web1These are inserted into inlets placed at convenient locations around your home to suck up dirt and debris and send it through tubing located in the walls. The tubes carry the dirt to a receptacle in an out-of-the-way location, like a garage, where it is deposited into a canister or bag that only need emptying once every three months.

You can even install an automatic dustpan in the kick plates of your kitchen cabinets, which lets you quickly sweep debris into a wall vent using a regular broom — perfect for cleaning up messy kitchen spills.

In addition to being clinically proven to reduce nasal and eye allergy symptoms by as much as 47 and 61 percent respectively, central vacuum systems can improve the quality of your indoor air by up to 52% whilst vacuuming, since all of the dust is collected in the remotely placed receptacle*.
Make your home a healthier, happier and cleaner place to live with a central vacuum system!


Sources: Plugged in Vacuums


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