Choosing A Garage Door

Your garage is not only a space in which you store your car, tools and other odds and ends; it is also an extension of your home. Installing a garage door is important for protecting your investments while adding decorative appeal to your house. Whether you are renovating or building a complete new garage, choosing the right garage door is the most important part of the process.


Keep the following aspect in mind when choosing a garage door:


Garage doors are built to last but your lifestyle could have an impact on the durability of a garage door. If you live in an area where there is heavy rainfall and water a wooden garage door might not be the best option. An aluminium garage door that is rust free would be a better option. If your garage door is in direct sunlight, you shouldn’t choose a finish that can easily fade. Another question to consider is how many people will be using the garage door, will kids be playing close to the garage door etc.


Garages are often connected to the house giving you direct access to your home. Maintaining your garage door is important to keep your garage door in perfect working order, thereby not putting yourself or your family at risk. Some garage doors require more maintenance than others, for example, a wooden garage door. Aluminium- and steel garage doors are virtually maintenance free.


Garage doors enhance the character of your home and can be designed with many different features and finishes. Aluminium garage doors can be powder coated to virtually any colour and can be designed with different shapes. Steel garage doors could be designed with a rustic overlay giving it a real vintage feel. Intricate glass frosting and colour tinting can be applied to glass garage door. Wooden garage doors can be stained with many different finishes and can be designed with different patterns.


When choosing a new garage door, you need to keep your budget in mind. Not only for the manufacture of the garage door but also the installation of the door and the maintenance that will be required to maintain the garage door. Different materials can be incorporated in one design giving you the freedom to choose within your allocated budget.


Security is the most important aspect to keep in mind when choosing a garage door. Will the garage door be strong enough? Does the garage door come with sufficient security for your home? Can you install additional security components on the garage door?

These guidelines should help you make the right choice when considering a new garage door. Never compromise on an investment that will add value to your home and protect your family.

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