Clearview Glass Folding Doors

The use of glass in a sophisticated way can enable the transition from indoor to outdoor living in a fluid and sinuous way, while maintaining aesthetic appeal and full functionality. This is especially true when using Aluview’s glass folding doors.

The Clearview Glass Folding Doors from Aluview were originally designed for Western Cape homes to withstand the extreme weather conditions. The product’s popularity grew very quickly as a chic design that facilitated both indoor and outdoor living, while still protecting homes from harsh winds and raging storms. The product has since become coveted in other South African provinces.

Clearview Glass Folding Doors

This type of weather resistance has been achieved through some great technological innovation, including:

  • The top track has a 22mm lip that extends down for the glass to seal. The extrusion also allows for a woodpile slot to ensure added weather resistance once closed;
  • The bottom track has a 26mm height difference from inside to outside, and is also has a woodpile slot to allow the glass to seal against bottom extrusion;
  • The doors are folding and not stacking, which makes it an easy system to open and close in one smooth action;
  • Hinges are manufactured in the finest quality stainless steel, which is a highly durable material;
  • The tracks are made from aluminium, which requires minimal maintenance and gives maximum resilience;
  • Toughened safety glass is used to create these doors and to provide further stability in even the most severe weather conditions.

Local is lekker with the Clearview Frameless Folding Doors from Aluview. All products are designed by reputable frameless glass companies in South Africa.

This article was sponsored by Aluview.

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