Cobblestone paving: get the Tuscan look

SmartStone cobblestone paving is renowned for its aesthetic appeal. These have been used throughout history for a rustic, resilient and renowned appearance. In fact, if what you are seeking is a robust material for your pathway, driveway or walkway (not to mention general hardscaping applications), cobblestone paving is the way to go.

Cobblestone Paving

With SmartStone’s miscellaneous variety of cobblestone pavers, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Get any look, any¬† way with this array of options, which include:

  • Contractor Cobble

This is a cheaper cobblestone option and is available to all who require it. Colours available include sandstone and charcoal, and are ideal for walkways and driveways.

  • Huguenot cobble

The Huguenot cobble is a smooth cobble that boasts a worn European look. It is available in 15 different colours ranging from sandstone and terracotta to plum, black and Karoo.

  • Magalies Paver

The Magalies paver is rectangular in design with a stone texture. They are available in six different colours and are ideal for driveways.

  • Legogote Cobble

The Legogote cobble is unique in that three sizes can be installed in combination to create a beautiful paving finish.

  • Fan Cobble

With 14 different colours to choose, the fan cobble is smooth and installed in a fan pattern. This cobble is ideal for driveways, walkways and patios.

  • Paduan Paver

The slim Paduan paving stone has a worn surface texture with 10 different colours to choose from and can be used on walkways and driveways.

  • Heritage Cobble

The Heritage cobble has a smooth “double cobble” effect which can be used in walkways, landscaping and pool surrounds.

  • Boardwalk Paver

The Boardwalk paver can be used in many different home applications and makes use of large, slate textured pavers. This range also comes with matching copings, if desired.

  • Waterberg Cobble

This type of paver is used for “country style” walkways and is manufactured with a prominent, robust texture.

  • Seaward Cobble

The Seward cobble has a very practical use when it comes to steep driveways, and has a rough textured surface.

  • Vintage cobble

The Vintage cobble is a rectangular paver with a an ultra-smooth finish which is very gentle on bare feet, thus making it ideal for walkways, patios and pool surrounds (not to mention driveways).

A well-constructed cobblestone paving application will last you a lifetime and SmartStone’s range of cobble pavers will double the lifespan of your beautiful driveway.

*This article was sponsored by SmartStone

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