Cost-effective cooling solutions

Temperatures are rising and nights are almost as hot as the days this summer. As it grows warmer, so does the need for cost-effective cooling solutions for your home.

Here are some suggestions for cooling solutions to help you cool off in style this season:

  • Blinds: Sometimes, prevention is better than cure. White blinds are not only stylish but also keep a room cool by deflecting the sun’s rays away from your home so that less heat is soaked up in individual rooms. Make sure that blinds which catch direct sun are kept closed during hotter times of the day to reduce the room’s temperature.
  • Insulation: Insulating your walls, floor or ceiling can reduce your cooling costs as it creates a barrier that reduces heat flow into the home which means less energy required for cooling and increased energy efficiency. What’s more, if a home is well-insulated it adds to its resale value and also reduces the costs of heating in winter.
  • Shutters: In addition to offering control over light and ventilation, shutters can keep a space cool during very hot summer days and resulting warm nights. This is because they create insulation for windows by minimising the transfer of heat through the space between the window and shutter. As a result both heat loss and absorption are reduced, which in turn lessens the amount energy needed for cooling or warming a room — making it an eco-friendly cooling option.
  • Eco-friendly air-conditioning: With more consumers going green nowadays, air-conditioner manufacturers are producing eco-friendly options that not only help their clients to save the environment, but some money too. These new technologies offer a variety of other benefits such as less energy consumption through increased efficiency, reduced start up time, and ultimately more control and comfort for you and your family. Available in window units, through the wall units, portable units and whole house or central air units, there’s a type of air conditioning system to suit every home and its cooling needs.
  • Awnings: Did you know that awnings can reduce the temperature of a room just by blocking out the sun’s scorching rays? Hung over windows or a large entrance, awnings can reduce household cooling energy by as much as 26%. Additionally, awning designs are aesthetically appealing. You can also use an awning to create an outdoor extension of your home that adds living space and value to your home.

With options like these in place, keeping cool can be stylish AND save you money.

Source: Professional Awning Manufacturers Association of America


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