Decorating with black and white

When it comes to home décor, nothing beats the timeless theme of decorating with black and white. The careful simplicity and energetic nature of combining these two colours will result in a harmonious and perfectly balanced home décor motif.

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Chromotherapy is an ancient art that entails therapy through colour. Our living spaces have major effects on our lives, and when choosing colours for home décor, one must always bear in mind the effect that colour, shade or hue may have on them. According to colour therapy experts, white is the perfect colour for balance and harmony. White resembles purification and hygiene, and it can be used as a neutral base upon which other colours become more noticeable. White also underscores innocence, freshness, simplicity and truth.

Home DecorBlack, on the other hand, represents change and complexity. It is a high-powered and potent colour that accents any room in a stylish and modern way. Black also epitomizes containment and being grounded in reality. This is perfectly offset with white, which is lofty and euphoric.

When combining black and white for home décor, the result is a “back to Broadway” theme that is timeless, classic and elegant. Black and white are harmonious and balancing shades that represent the yin yang complementary opposites of life.

For the lounge or living room area, decorating with black and white can have a spectacular effect, in the right environment. Here, experts from Alpine Lounge advise that as a general rule of thumb, black décor looks best in spacious areas with plenty of light, white and reflective surfaces.

Black in the bedroom must be used sparingly because the darkness of black can easily affect sleep habits. Opt instead for a white base with black accessories, such as curtain holders or throw pillows. Black headboards and cupboards counterpoised by white linens will entrance you and make for the perfect bedroom décor theme.

Home DecorationAdding black and white into your home office is probably the simplest way to incorporate this décor theme in the home. Something as simple as a blackboard on one of the walls or a black desk against white walls is elegant, and won’t pull your focus from the task at hand.

Black in the bathroom or kitchen is not advised as this can make the space seem smaller. However, application in lounges, living and dining rooms as well as bedrooms, home offices and even the patio will add a sense of majesty and luxury into your home. Decorating with black and white is a trend that won’t burn out.

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