Designer bathroom accessories

The La Gio Bella range of designer bathroom accessories will help you create a functional bathroom sanctuary where you have everything you need at your fingertips. Platinum Plumbing Supplies stocks a wide range these designer accessories, some of which include the following:

Shower caddies

A great deal of accidents happens in the shower because of loose soap and shampoo bottles on the floor. Keep your toiletries off the floor by using a shower caddy — available as a standard rack of as a rotating caddy.

Bathroom racks

Available in stainless steel or solid brass chrome plated, these bathroom racks are ideal storage solutions for items that are needed often but need to be kept out of the way. You can hang them next to the bath or anywhere else you need to store your bathroom items.

Towel racks, rails and rings

There are many different ways to hand towels to dry – you can use standard towel rails and racks in single or double-hung, or you can opt for a towel ring, which is ideal for hand towels closer to the basin.

Towel Rail

Soap dispensers and dishes

You can choose between being able to dispense liquid hand soap from these designer soap dispensers or get a standard soap dish in a variety of different designs to suit your needs.

Glass shelves

Glass is a beautiful application when used in the bathroom, especially when it comes to shelves which will accent the mirror as well as all your other accessories. Plus, it’s a great way to store items out of the way.

glass shelf

Tumbler holders

A place for your toothbrush and toothpaste are the order of the day with these tumbler holders, which will ensure your toiletries don’t fall all over the basin when you reach for them sleepily in the morning.

Robe hooks

Choose between single and double robe hooks as well as a multi robe hook in stainless steel for a clean finishing touch that’ll keep your robe off the floor.

Bathroom accessories are not only functional items, but are also used as decorative pieces that create a finishing touch for the room. This is why one should pay special attention to the types of accessories they purchase by matching cost with quality. Accessories are also completely replaceable, so if you want to change from season to season — more power to you.

Breathe new life into your bathroom by giving it a modern look with stainless steel accessories such as soap holders, toilet roll holders, towel racks and robe hooks. Ideally, the design of these should complement that of the taps and other plumbing fixtures you already have installed.

*This article was sponsored by Platinum Plumbing Supplies

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