Elegant Outdoor Entertaining

No matter the weather, South Africans always find a way to entertain family and friends. To help take the sweat out of outdoor entertaining here are some essentials to keep in mind for an elegant outdoor entertaining experience:

Buy The Best Braai


Braais are the staple of any South African summer, so whether you’re a frequent braai master or occasional barbeque Barbie, you need a braai that suits your needs. Gas braais offer a quick cooking experience and are environmentally friendly too, while wood burning braais add a distinct smoky flavour to your food. Both are available in portable and built-in options – each with their own benefits. Combination built-in-braais are a great investment – not only are well-made and installed braais a stylish and practical addition to your entertainment area, they can also add value to the price of your home.

Shade To Keep The Sun Away


No one wants their guests to end up being burnt by the scorching sun, so ensure that you protect them with awnings, pergolas or umbrellas to keep the rays at bay. What’s more, these help define your outdoor dining room. Adjustable awnings offer the perfect amount of protection regardless of rain or shine. If you have an open patio area, outdoor blinds will give you just the right amount of protection whether it is keeping the warm sunrays out or keeping the rain from ruining your party.

Swimming Pool Safety


For those lucky enough to have a pool on their property, it’s always wise to keep them covered just in case your visitors bring their little ones along. Pool nets are great for providing a safe barrier without obscuring the view of the water below, while pool covers are tough enough to walk over and help keep the pool clean. Both can be rolled away in minutes – making them ideal and easy to use for summer celebrations.

Patio Furniture


Not having enough seating for your guest can really take your party from being the best to the worst. There is a wide range of patio furniture that you can mix and match to ensure that you have just the right balance of tables and seating for your patio or outdoor entertainment area.

Play And Stay

For most hosts, one of the toughest tasks is keeping their guests’ children entertained. Having a play centre is a great way to ensure that adults linger longer while the kids amuse themselves with slides, nets, ladders and swings. A jungle gym will delight young ones (and the young at heart).

These essentials will ensure that you and your guests can enjoy yourself without worrying about the weather. For a great variety of quality braais, Braai & Fireplace Man will have everything you need.

Galaxy Blinds can provide you with durable outdoor blinds, making your entertainment area weather friendly.

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