Frameless glass applications

Using frameless glass applications in the home is a growing trend in 2013, and for good reason. Not only do frameless glass applications enhance the space, but they also add a sense of sophistication and style into your living areas. Frameless glass applications extend from shower doors and pool fencing to balustrades, patio enclosures and folding, stacking and sliding doors.

Frameless glass shower door

One thing frameless glass is well noted for it that they can make a room look bigger, and in a slightly smaller bathroom, using frameless glass for shower doors can add a perception of space. You also don’t have to worry about mildew build-up or dirt and water stains — frameless glass is easy to clean. If safety is your concern, you needn’t worry. Frameless glass shower doors are made from toughened safety glass so you won’t have to stress about delicacy.


Frameless glass balustrades

Frameless glass balustrades provide staircase, balcony or patio safety that doesn’t intrude on the space. These can be customized and can come floor-mounted, side-mounted or recessed. In this way, you can add an attractive boundary to these areas that are notorious win terms of safety concerns while adding beauty to the home and maximising the space.

Frameless glass door

If you are looking to extend indoor/outdoor flow, the very best way to do this is through the use of frameless glass doors. These are available in stacking door options as well as folding doors and sliding doors. These are eternal in popularity owing mostly to the fact that it allows sinuous flow and enhancement of living spaces. Glass is tempered so it is safe and  requires very little support. It also allows a flood of light to come into the home regularly throughout the day, which is particularly advantageous in winter months. Frameless glass doors are also retractable in most cases, which takes entertaining on the patio to a whole new level.

Frameless glass pool fencing

Enclose your pool in a stylish frameless glass enclosure or simply erect frameless balustrades around the pool area. This will keep the young ones away from the pool when you are not around.

Frameless glass Balustrade

Frameless glass adds a refined sense of style to any home. When deciding how to apply frameless glass into your home, make sure you consult a trusted Home Ideas supplier to ensure that the glass they use is toughened for your safety and that of your family.

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