Garage Storage Solutions

It’s an annual pain to have to clean out your garage that is if you can find the time. The garage isn’t just a place to store cars anymore; it has become a place where every household item ends up being stored from last year’s rugs to the new camping gear or fishing equipment.


The garage is indeed the place where everything is stored, and with these garage storage solutions, you can ensure that all your equipment is safely tucked out of the way, while still being easily accessible.

Cabinet systems

For tools and hazardous chemicals that need to be stored, consider a cabinet system. N-E-A-T Cabinet Systems have identified the need for additional storage space and lockable facilities for tools and chemicals, and created these cabinets in a variety of tops and colours, which are made from quality epoxy steel, to alleviate these needs. These cabinet systems also come with modular add-ons, are lockable, and serve as a cost-effective storage solution.

Modular storage lockers

Garage Tek has partnered with the Home Safety Council to educate consumers about the hidden dangers in the garage. As such, they have designed several storage facilities, and the modular shelf unit is one such product. These co-ordinated and durable shelves enable you to create an entire storage centre anywhere in your garage. They come in 2, 3, 4 and 5-shelf designs to satisfy your needs.

Adjustable shelves

Also from Garage Tek, these shelves are out-of-the-way storage solutions with two fully adjustable shelves. The cabinet is lockable for additional security, and can be used to organize garden tools, household items and anything similar.

Bolted steel shelving

This is a product manufactured by Steel Storage systems and is among the most widely used shelving options on the market. It is a bolt together system with each unit comprising 4 uprights, and the shelves bolted into place. Units are free standing, and stabilized using corner plates. Higher units can be fixed to walls for added stability. This type of shelving is a cost effective solution for garage storage.

Strong slatted shelves

Shelf Space has devised a shelving option by making use of strong, slatted shelves that will enable your garage to look less like a war zone and more like a functional storage area. They come with a capacity of 150kg, can be designed in varying heights and have adjustable shelving aspects with various depths.

Heavy duty racks

Another product supplied by Steel Storage Systems, this product is ideal for long-term shelving for the slightly bigger objects, such as a kayak or canoe, and is available in different sizes and varying load carrying capacities.

It’s also a good option for the storage of outdoor furniture. With these different storage options, your garage can very quickly be transformed into a practical, well-designed area of your home to store the things that need to be kept safely out of the way.

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