Garden art

Your garden, like the rest of your home, should be an expression of who you are and what you love. By decorating with a few simple garden art pieces such as sculptures, fountains and other lawn ornaments that reflect your personality, you can transform your backyard into an area that is uniquely you.

Unlike plants, garden art can enhance your yard all year round — they stand out in winter when your plants are dormant and accent them when they are in bloom. The key is to consider the amount of space you have in your garden as well as the size, colour and placement of the pieces that you would like to add to it.

Gardens that have large open spaces are perfect for bigger pieces such as ponds, fountains and sculptures whilst smaller, tree-filled plots benefit from small-scale items that can be hung from the trees and existing structures such as fences and walls. You could also make use of mirrors to make the area seem bigger. Try to visualise how the garden will look once you’ve placed a piece in a particular area and what you could place around it to augment the effect.


Another thing you should take into account is lighting. Think about how the sun’s rays can enhance or diminish the artistic effect. It may be best to use pieces made from cement in areas that are exposed to the full strength of the sun. Garden art made from cement is able to withstand extreme weather conditions and is also a more cost-effective option.

You might want to showcase your garden art even further with artificial lighting. Strings of lights hung amongst the branches of a large tree or along a trellis can bring a magical feel to your garden at night.

The choices of garden decor items are endless, from birdbaths, statues and decorative windmills, to stepping stones, gnomes, flamingos, fountains so a gorgeous garden is not far away.

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