Gear roller blinds

Ideal Awnings supplies quality gear roller blinds that protect your outdoor areas. The company uses two different materials, allowing the customer a choice between two very effective types: they are 100% solution dyed acrylic and Sunworker material.

100% Solution-Dyed Acrylic gear roller blinds

The colour is locked into the very core of the fibers during manufacturing and is dyed all the way through. This type of yarn ensures exceptionally long-lasting, ultra vivid colours. The material is woven with an extra tight weave that blocks out  water, heat and UV rays.

Sunworker gear roller blinds

The material filters solar heat and avoids the greenhouse effect. Sunworker solar-protective fabric preserves your privacy, while maintaining full visibility towards the outside. Thanks to its perforated “micro structure”, you enjoy all the comfort of quality, natural light

Ideal Awnings also uses PVC tarpaulin and ripstop materials. All of their materials, wherever possible,  are hot air welded except for the ripstop — welding of the panels of materials does last longer and looks neater than stitching.

gear roller blinds with hot air welded acrylic material

Ideal Awnings imports some of the mechanical components from leading Italian companies, and this together with the unique pram awning with the material sliding in/out system and the best acrylic materials available on the world market, puts the company far ahead.

The quality of Ideal’s awnings is matched by true Italian craftsmanship is supported by a highly experienced sales team who is ready to guide and assist you in the choosing of styles and colours to suit your needs.


*This article was sponsored by Ideal Awnings

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