Glass garage doors

Nothing says sophistication like glass garage doors, a somewhat reflective surface that adds a sense of beauty and charm to an otherwise dull garage. With Image Glass & Aluminium, your garage can be as stylish as they come.

Image Glass & Aluminium’s patented design will transform your home into something that not only looks spectacular but also includes safety functions. Their garage doors are made with reflective glass and can be custom made to your size and colour specifications. In addition, the glass is energy-efficient, with 76% heat elimination, thus reducing your energy costs.

Benefits of glass garage doors include:

  • Safety: you are able to see inside your garage and can know what is inside before you open the door. This also reduced the risk of hijacking.
  • Design: can be sandblasted to add a beautiful artistic effect
  • Low maintenance

If you’re tired of traditional garage door designs and are looking for something new and exciting that will enhance the overall appeal of the home (as well as increasing the resell value), glass garage door are the way to go. These doors are flush glazed, which is a rapidly growing trend in home improvement due to its many benefits.

Garage Doors

The glass garage doors are also extremely low maintenance so no repainting or sanding (or varnishing for that matter) is necessary. They are weather resistant and also corrosion- resilient. Image Glass & Aluminium also have a team of expert installers.

The Enviro Fold and Flush Glazed Garage Door from Image Glass & Aluminium are registered designs and are patented to the company. Image Glass is the sole provider of these designs.

*This article was sponsored by Image Glass & Aluminium 

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