Home fragrance guide

This season, you’ll be able to indulge your senses indoors with all the fresh, crisp scents of the outdoors. Bring the fresh outdoors in this spring with these ideas for scentsational home fragrance ideas…

  • Don’t throw flowers away when pruning. Make your own potpourri by combining some of your favourite flowers (dried) and some complimentary drops of aromatherapy oils.
  • Freshen up linens, upholstery and curtains with fresh and floral scents. Rose Linen Spray is a discreet yet full fragrance. Rose has also been known to have soothing effects on the psyche and can reduce anxiety. Plus, there’s nothing quite as soothing as getting into a lightly rose-scented bed at night.
  • When using room sprays, opt for crisp scents such as mint or aloe and cucumber. These give the room a burst of freshness that doesn’t overwhelm the senses — or sensitive noses.
  • Recycle old stocking hoses by filling them with your favourite scented blends and storing them in your cupboard or inside decorative pillows. A lasting favourite for this method is lavender, and this can be heightened by subtle hints of strawberry.
  • Many people believe that incense is too potent to burn in the home and will leave a huge mess. This depends on what you buy. White Sage incense cones burn for a shorter time then the sticks, and give off gentle and soothing wasps of relaxing scented smoke.
  • Scented candles are an eternal trend for adding ambience to a home and filling it with delicate and understated fragrance.  Yankee Candle has an assorted bouquet of fresh and natural home fragrance candles, such as the oh-so-saccharine Garden Sweet Pea, or refreshing French Lavender.
  • A very popular home fragrance trend is the scented diffuser, which is composed of a rattan reeds inserted into a glass jar and emits fragrances into the room constantly. Fragrance stores across the country cater for many different tastes — or smells rather — like the woodsy Cedar and Sandalwood combination, the fresh and citrusy Neroli and Bergamot. For a perfect spring hint, you can also try the Sea Spray and Jasmine combination.

Home Fragrance Guide

Sources: The Beauty Factory and Yankee Candle




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