Home Office Design

Whether it’s a place to study, sort out the bills, do some online banking, run a home-based business or telecommute, having a home office has become a must for property owners. To help you design a space that enables you to be comfortable, creative and productive, here are some tips to keep in mind.


Location, location, location

Choose a space that offers the privacy you need along with adequate lighting, good ventilation and sufficient electrical outlets. Studies have shown that natural lighting can enhance productivity as well as mood and health, so ensure that you pick a spot with a window or skylight. If you don’t have a separate room available, use things like bookcases, screens and lighting to create the separation between your home office and the rest of your home.

Constructive colour

Did you know that the colour of your home office can influence your creativity and efficiency? The colour blue will boosts productivity, whilst green will help to evoke a relaxed mood and yellow will enhances overall concentration. Pick a colour that makes you feel positive and motivated and which complement the look and feel of the rest of your home.

Clutter cutters:

Albert Einstein once said, “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” The truth, according to mental health professionals, is that clutter can actually affect your physical, mental and emotional health – reducing overall concentration and productivity. Cut down on clutter by buying a desk that has plenty of storage space and mounting several shelves on your walls. You could also have a desk custom designed to suit your personal needs. Storage containers of different sizes can be used for filing away papers and other odds and ends keeping everything neat and tidy.

Stylish seating:

While a kitchen or dining room chair is suitable for an hour of eating, sitting in one all day can be very hard on your back. Ensure that you get yourself a comfortable, ergonomically sound office chair that matches the theme of the room or space.


Remember that your home office is still a part of your home, so add personal design touches to make it a welcoming spot to work.

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