Home security tips

Your home security is one of the most important aspects of your home. Superior Expanding Door give us some great tips on how to make sure your family is protected and as safe as possible.


By combining the tips below with an effective home security system, you’ll give your family the best possible protection in your home:

  • Change all the locks when you move into your new home, and always ensure that the keys are always kept out of sight.
  • Do not leave keys in any doors – rather lock your doors and keep the keys elsewhere.
  • Ensure that all main entry doors are protected by a reliable security gate that cannot be penetrated by intruders.
  • If you have an alarm system, test it once a month. Be sure to let your security provider know that you are testing your system.
  • Ensure that all alarm system wires are concealed, so that potential burglars cannot cut the wires and disconnect it.
  • Try to make friends with at least one of your neighbours. Give them a copy of your house key and a list of emergency phone numbers, and offer to do the same for them. Ensure that they keep your key in safe place.
  • If you own a firearm, never leave it where anyone can see it. It should be kept in a locked safe at all times, with the key concealed. Don’t tell people about the firearms that you own – if word gets out, it could attract criminals to your home.
  • Install an expanding gate over at least one window in your home. This gives you and your family an escape route in the event of a fire, break-in or other type of emergencies.
  • Create a ‘safe zone’ in your home that is protected by a trellis gate or expander security solution. This gives you a safe place to retreat to in the event of your home being broken into.
  • Try to remove trees or bushes that could conceal the activities of a burglar, particularly any shrubbery found near gates, doors or windows.
  • Do not allow any strangers to enter your home. Insist on seeing identification if they purport to be visiting in any ‘official’ capacity.

Don’t take a single chance with your safety. Rather, turn to Superior Expanding Security Doors today for a home security solution you can trust, year after year.

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