Home skylights for internal illumination

The sky is the limit when it comes to modern home innovations. In fact, with the technological advances the last couple of decades have seen, there is very little one cannot do cost-effectively in their home. This includes, and is not limited to, the creation of home skylights.


156337056-webAccording to Dictionary.com, the phrase “light from the sky” meaning small opening in the roof to admit light, was first recorded in 1690. Between then and now, home skylights have become increasingly popular, culminating in most architectural designs including them nowadays. They have also become a great deal more inventive and sophisticated.


One such innovation comes from Sundowner Skylights and is called the Tubular Skylight, which effectively captures natural light (even on overcast of wintery days) by reflecting sunlight down a highly reflective aluminium tube directly into your home. This type of skylight can be installed in any roof, is suitable for almost every room in the house and does not require roof structural changes. Additionally, it does not make use of harsh fluorescent lighting, which most ladies will tell you, is really not flattering. And since the UV light that enters the room is broken up through a diffuser, there is no damage to furniture. Something else to think about: your indoor plants will flourish!


Then there’s always the concept of daylighting. This refers to the practice of positioning windows and reflective surfaces so that natural light can provide effective internal lighting. This in turn maximises visual appeal, enhances interior spaces, and boosts comfort. It replaces artificial lighting with passive solar heating and cooling.


While there are some truly magnificent international designs, one must never downplay what the South African market has to offer. In one such instance, Parasky Skylights CEO established his business as a design engineer when he recognised a need for locally produced sklylights. The benefit of these in-house designs is that they are a great deal more suitable for the South African climate (which can be fairly volatile at times, especially in recent months) resulting in unbelievable damage costs. As such, SA parameters were established within the skylighting business to meet the demands of the growing market.  Local is always a lot more lekker!


Tubular skylights are also a lot less expensive than regular skylights, are easy to install and are much more flexible, especially in areas of the home where a larger skylight wouldn’t be possible. Space constraints are always a consideration, and if your space is slightly smaller, tubular is the way to go.




The benefits of skylights far outweigh the cost of installation (which isn’t actually as heavy as you might think).  Such advantages include:

  • Lower electricity bills. When the sun begins to wane and dusk sets in, you still won’t need to switch the lights on because you are getting all the natural light through your roof.
  • Lower heating costs: winter in South Africa is highly unpleasant owing to that nasty south easterly wind, but the sun is usually still quite strong. As such, you won’t need to turn up the heat at home, just bask in the natural light while taking cover from the wind.
  • Natural cooling: Since hot air rises, a skylight that opens will allow warm air to escape. This ventilation provides natural cooling on hot days.
  • Aesthetic appeal: skylights are inarguably one of the most elegant aspects to any home. They are chic, attractive and create a picturesque effect in your living space.
  • Natural light and warmth: the costs of electricity aside, using daylight and lunar light to illuminate your home is one hundred times more effective than using synthetic and artificial lighting.


Create a porthole to the sky in your living space and allow all the wonders of nature to shine through your home from above. Soak up the warmth and light during that floods in during the day, and explore the illustrious and majestic lunar activity at night with home skylights.


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