How to choose your washline

In many countries across the world, the foldaway washline has become the number one alternative to drying your clothing. Another name for this alternative is the “paraline” since the lines run parallel to each other. This is a major space-saving advantage of the foldaway line, not to mention many other benefits.

Benefits of a washline (as opposed to a tumble-dryer)

  • Energy saving
  • Minimal space required
  • Requires only daylight, no electricity
  • Can handle a bigger load at a time than the tumble-dryer
  • No smell deposits or lint transfer
  • Requires little if any maintenance
  • Can be safely moved out of the way

Further to these, the foldaway washline are unobtrusive as they can be folded away or down when not in use. The Foxy Washline is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, can be mounted on any flat surface, are available in a variety of sizes and they can also be assembled as a DIY project with ease.


Go the DIY route

Foxy Foldaway Washlines are neat, compact and can be easily assembled. For this reason, they are an ideal DIY project. If, however, you do not have the time or patience to install it yourself, Foxy offers installation services. You can install them in three simple steps

  • Mount side arm brackets in a level position
  • Assemble round cross bar tubes
  • Line up.

The dimensions of the Foxy Foldaway Washlines suit any home, and it is for this reason that they are so popular. The fact that they are available for both indoor and outdoor use only adds to this popularity (especially in the rainy months). Save time, energy and space with these washline options.


*This article was sponsored by Foxy Foldaway Washlines

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