How to create your own garden estate patio

We live in a country that has beautiful weather, most of the time. We love spending time outdoors and if you have a garden you have spent a lot of time and effort on, you need a personal spot where you can relish in the beauty of your garden.



Installing a raised deck will serve as an extension of your home and will maximise the view of your garden. There is a wide range of materials available with different characteristics and finishes. With a raised deck, split levels can be added to create an interesting design. A wooden deck will make the colours in your garden stand out as the deck contrasts the green of your garden. If you had a raised deck, wooden balustrades will round off your patio area with a true authentic feel.

Wooden Pergola

A wooden pergola is very attractive and will add to the nature theme of your patio making your patio a striking accent in your garden. Climbing flowering plants and grapevines create a dramatic effect and will enhance your landscaping. Wooden pergolas can be designed in variety of shapes and sizes, to match you deck area perfectly.


With having many wooden elements, you may feel like your patio looks monotonous. Using different textures adds a whole other dynamic to any area, highlighting the wood rather than letting it all blend. Adding stone cladding to the columns of your pergola will match perfectly with the nature theme of your deck and will highlight the wooden elements of your patio area.


When choosing furniture for your patio, your comfort is always the most important aspect to consider. Furniture doesn’t have to be boring to be comfortable. Square shaped chairs are a great way to add an element of sharpness that matches the deck area. Pairing the square chair with round tables is another way to mix shapes that will give your patio area character. You can easily replace either if you feel like changing the look of your patio area.

House patio with wooden table and chairs

House patio with wooden table and chairs

With these design guidelines you can create the perfect nature patio area that will help you relax and gain new energies.

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