How to decorate for a newborn

There is probably nothing more exciting in the world than bringing your newborn home for the first time. Many mothers and fathers to be find great enjoyment from decorating their child’s very first bedroom.  But not everyone knows what to consider when they decorate for a newborn, which is very different from decorating for other developmental stages such as toddlerhood, middle childhood and adolescence.



Let’s start here: have you ever walked into a room that needs decoration, filled with ideas on the final product you want to see, but are suddenly hit with not knowing where to start? Decorating a nursery can often evoke these emotions, especially when there is so much to consider. Follow this step-by-step guide, which will give you ample time to get everything done before due date.


The shopping list

Your must-have items for the baby nursery include:

  • A cot — this must be a sturdy structure with small spaces between the rungs so that your little one doesn’t fall out. It also minimizes the risk of domestic animals getting in.
  • A changing table — this is a practical consideration which should be accompanies by a baby-proof shelf to store diapers and hygiene materials.
  • A breast-feeding chair — when baby is up at 4am, needing to be fed, this chair will help mom be able to relax in the nursery and attend to her baby’s needs.
  • Paint — Try for non-toxic paints and take caution to colour schemes.
  • Accessories — a mobile that hangs above the cot, a giant teddy bear in the corner of the room, there are so many wonderful options for nursery accessories (but bear in mind that small objects should be avoided).
  • Window treatments — your newborn’s eyes will be extremely sensitive the first few months, and adequate window treatments are very important to shield him or her form this, as well as maintain healthy sleep patterns.


Have fun with décor

Most experts agree that tranquility and serenity are better options for a newborn’s room, but that doesn’t mean you can have fun decorating. Adorn the walls with photoframes of mom and dad, and images of the pregnancy cycle. Pictures of teddy bears or fairy princesses are also popular choices for newborn nurseries, as are woodland and floral images.


Unique Impressions - Nursery wall art

Paint w
ith caution

Recent studies have emerged that caution against using colours that are too bright or vivid for infants and toddlers. As such, when choosing your colour schemes for your baby’s nursery, go for soft hues and gentle tones. Instead of sun yellow, try a light yellow for harmony. Instead of using royal blue or cerulean, go for baby-blue or even lavender. If you want more gender-neutral tones (for those who want the baby’s gender to be a surprise), try Paris green or mantis green shades. Soft shades to consider are also beige, apricot and egg-white. Tip# Ensure that you paint well in advance, so that any chemicals go can purged from the room before the baby arrives. After painting, wash down with sugar water to alleviate harmful effects.


Once you have purchased and laid out your furniture, painted the walls and decorated the room, you will be ready to bring your newborn child into the first bedroom they will ever know. Be sure to take plenty of pictures that you can enjoy with them later in life.


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