How To Decorate Small Spaces

Decorating small spaces is a big challenge. When there isn’t much space to work with, one has to take special precautions to minimize clutter and maximize the perception of space. This takes a great deal of creativity and a willingness to sacrifice certain items. Try these useful tips if you are working with a small space:

How to decorate small spaces

Opt for minimalism

A minimalist décor theme, when it comes to small spaces, is most often more practical. Less is more when it comes to working with limited space such as apartments, lofts and small houses, and by being minimalist, you can match contemporary décor with space enhancing principles.

Be smart with storage

There is nothing worse for small spaces than clutter – and this often accumulates a lot faster than it would in larger spaces. Try storing items in cupboards, on shelves and by purchasing designer compact storage solutions rather than keeping things out in the open. You can even create under-bed storage for items that should be kept out of the way, provided you remember to clean this space thoroughly and regularly. This way, you can be practical with storage while keeping the space clean and clutter-free.

Choose the right colour scheme

Bold colours, as exciting and difficult to resist as they may be, tend to make spaces seem smaller than they are. When you are selecting colours for walls and floors, rather choose lighter and more neutral shades. You can then liven up the room up with bold decorative features such as throw pillows, curtains and ornaments.

Enhance space and light

To increase the perception of space, make use of mirrors and adequate lighting. Mirrors add depth and dimension to a room due to their ability to act as an additional window. They also reflect light back into the room. A large mirror can create the illusion of a lot more space than is actually available, and you can also have fun with frames.

Select furniture to scale

Opt for furniture that will enhance the shape and size of the room. A couch that is too large for the living area or a bed that doesn’t allow you to walk comfortably around it won’t work in this space and will result in feelings of claustrophobia. All things in moderation. Another thing you can do is select multifunctional furniture – such as a dining room table that doubles as an office table with storage underneath, or a couch that converts into a bed (particularly useful in studio apartments and lofts).

How to decorate small spaces

Keep in mind that when decorating small spaces, function should be held above aesthetics. Of course, if you can achieve a sinuous balance between the two, you will enjoy the space a great deal more.

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