How to improve your resell value – Part 1

If you speak to anyone who has recently sold their home, they’ll tell you it can be a very painstaking process. During market slumps, credit crunches and a smaller number of home loans being approved, it can become a real headache trying to sell your house. While some persist at keeping their home on the market until a willing and able buyer comes along (and usually end up having to drop the price), others tend to take them off the market, and begin doing some alterations. These alterations can help you raise your selling price and making potential buyers quickly fall in love with your home.


The following are simple ways you can improve the resell value of your home; small things you can do to help the selling process along while enhancing your own lifestyle at the same time.

Start sorting

One of the joys of spring cleaning is that you can almost get a head start on packing. It’s time to go through all that clutter that’s been collecting for years and sort between the things you’ll keep and the things you can donate to charity. The goal is to make your home a clean, fresh space for show day, and there is nothing better for this than a clean and crisp environment that is clutter-free. Keep large decorative ornaments or themed paraphernalia in storage for now, and allow the space to take on a fresh and neutral look and feel. This is not to say make the space bland and uninteresting; always allow your personality to shine through, just use decoration in a subtle and understated way.

Go green

The world is moving towards a more energy-efficient way of living, and potential buyers are looking for homes that are green. Adding insulated windows and doors can enhance the aesthetics of the home while adding environmentally-friendly practices. Eco insulation is also an important alteration, as well as solar panels and solar geysers.

Paint it

Think of paint as your new best friend if you are considering putting your house on the market. You don’t have to go all out and paint the exterior of the home, but it’s not a bad idea to give the interiors a facelift. This adds a fresh new look and feel to the home. Bold colours are a no-no if you are painting for resell; rather go with a softer hue or muted tone. A lighter interior is known to give potential buyers a better canvas to imagine themselves in the home.

You don’t have to invest in lengthy renovations in order to add to your resell value, sometimes it’s the small details that paint the bigger picture. A clean, uncluttered, energy-efficient home is worth more on today’s market than it ever has been.

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