How to improve your resell value – Part 2

Are you trying to sell your home but are finding yourself battling to get asking price for it? If you have found that dream home and need to be able to fetch a big enough price on your current property to be able to pay for it, property experts believe that it may be a much better investment to renovate your existing home and enhance the selling price effectively.


While making this kind of addition to your home can be pricy and slightly inconvenient, they are known to dramatically improve the home’s resell value, thus allowing you to fix a much bigger price tag, and allow you more freedom to let your eye wonder for the house of your dreams. They include renovating your kitchen, giving your bathroom a face lift, and bringing landscaping into your life.

Remodelling the kitchen

Many property specialists and real estate agents will agree that the centre of a property’s value is the kitchen. This can give people the idea that they must now bring in expensive appliances and change the flow of the room completely, which is not the case. If you are considering putting your home on the market, there are three primary kitchen areas that should be attended to. Look at renewing your cabinets with sustainable materials, for example bamboo. You can also get some new countertops fitted, and granite is a smooth and elegant choice for this. When you renovate your kitchen for resell, always opt for a more minimalist and functional design. Avoid clutter and try to open up the space as much as possible.

The bathroom facelift

Giving your bathroom a rejuvenating facelift can greatly influence your resell value, and quite significantly at that. These types of alterations span from new showerheads, vanities and sanitary ware to brand new bath tubs, shower additions and retiling. Go for the renovation that will result in a sanctuary that potential buyers can envision relaxation and rejuvenation. Choose neutral tones with a decorative splash. Add heated towel rails and install his and her basins – in the bathroom, an inch is worth a mile and there are many small changes you can make to revamp the area.


Think of the exterior of the home as a sort of “preview” of what’s to come inside. It’s the opening act to a great show, and you need to make sure the interlude is a perfectly manicured lawn. You can even jazz up the show with a water fountain or some rock art. Decorative paving is also a great way to breathe new life to the area and perhaps entice buyers to follow the yellow brick road to their new home.

By giving these three facets of your home a face lift, you are giving yourself a much stronger chance of fetching a pretty penny for your home. And who knows, once the face lift has taken, you may even end up deciding to indulge in your fresh new lifestyle for a little longer before selling and moving on.

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