Indoor Blinds

With so many different types of blinds on the market, how will you know which will work right for your home? Indoor blinds have multiple functions which vary from sun & shade control to privacy and insulation while enhancing your home’s décor with many design capabilities.

Blinds have so many benefits which include:

  • Control over the amount of light that enters a room
  • Wide variety of colours, styles and patterns
  • Blinds can be manufactured from different materials
  • Controls the privacy of your home
  • Easy to maintain
  • Customisable

The following are the most popular choices:

Aluminium blinds


Strong and sturdy, this type of blind is great for a clean, modern finish in your home. They are designed to last a very long time and are easy to clean and maintain. Aluminium is a non-corrosive material making it perfect for rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms where you generally work with water. Aluminium is available in a variety of colours making it easy to match any room’s décor.

Bamboo blinds


Bamboo blinds are eco-friendly and long-lasting, which makes them an extremely economical choice for indoor blinds. Bamboo is fast becoming a substitute for wood in the home market. Bamboo adds texture to any room as well as an element of warmth and comfort.

Fabric/material blinds


Fabric blinds add a lush appeal to your windows and are flexible as a window covering. They come in a wide variety of styles and luxurious fabrics so you’ll be spoilt for choice. Material blinds allow you to add customised printed shapes and designs, making any room a piece of art. Fabric blinds include:

Roman blinds


Roman Blinds have a contemporary appeal for home use. Roman blinds are highly functional and very beautiful as they can be custom designed with a variety of colours and finishes. Roman blinds have no unsightly stitches that will spoil the elegance of your blinds. Roman blinds stack up neatly in folds when lifted. You have strict control on how much light you would like to allow into a room with the cord mechanism making Roman blinds perfect for areas such as bedrooms.

Roller Blinds


Roller blinds offer a sleek and uncluttered look as well as a great amount of privacy making it perfect for any room in your home. Roller blinds are available in “black out” which is an excellent choice for bedrooms, “sheers” that will fill your home with filtered sunlight while providing you with privacy and “screens” that allow you to see through but acts as protections against the harsh sunlight.

Venetian Blinds


When it comes to blinds, you can’t get more traditional than Venetian blinds, which can be manufactured from a variety of material which includes aluminium, wood, bamboo and so much more. Venetian blinds are horizontal slats that can easily be controlled and adjusted by either tilting the slats or lifting the whole sections. This can either be automated or done manually.

No matter what type of blind you choose at the end of the day, your windows will be covered with style and true elegance.

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