Home security systems are an extremely important consideration in South Africa, which is why we have so many high-quality products and services available so you can keep your family safe and sound. Browse our burglar proofing solutions, electric fencing, security gates, shutters and security systems.
  • Alarms

    An alarm can give you peace of mind when it comes to your family's security. View Products

  • Burglar Proofing

    Burglar proofing is now available in a variety of styles and colours. Safety needn't be an eye-sore! Stylish burglar proofing includes aluminium bards, transparent burglar bars and armed bars that will alert you to any unwanted activity outside your home. View Products

  • CCTV Cameras

    CCTV cameras allow for surveillance options all around your premises. View Products

  • Electric Fencing

    Use an electric fence barrier to keep intruders off your property so you can enjoy the outdoors while maintaining safety. Electric fences can be solar powered, ensuring that your family is never vulnerable. View Products

  • Expandable Security Gates

    An expandable security gate is barely visible when you don't want it to be seen, and yet provides robust security when it needs to. Expandable and retractable security gates are easy to install and have long-lasting quality. View Products

  • Security Gates

    Security gates can be aesthetically appealing and provide the necessary security to an area. Strength and sturdiness are important with your security gates, and our suppliers will see to it that you are provided with safety solutions that don't make you feel jailed in. View Products

  • Security Shutters

    Security shutters are available in a variety of options and colours. Chat to the Home Ideas experts for the right solution for you. Security shutters will increase your home security and can be designed to complement your home structure and already existing security solutions. View Products

  • Security Systems

    Make sure your home security system protects your home. If you are looking for the top security systems in South Africa, you've come to the right place. Home Ideas suppliers are safety-centric, and safety-central. View Products