Innovations in gate automation

Automated gates offer homeowners the convenience of being able to open and close at the click of a button — saving you from having to get in and out of your car, which could pose a potential security risk. Thanks to innovations in technology, gate automation is also increasingly effective for not only keeping unwanted guests out, but also your loved ones safely in.

Gates and automation2

The latest offerings in gate motors are more powerful, faster, quieter and safer than those that were available before and their anti-theft aspects have been upgraded. Wireless safety beams connected to these prevent accidents from happening, as the gates will stop when they detect that obstacles are in the way. This is particularly important in households with small children and elderly people who cannot get out of the way quickly. Being wireless, they can be retrofitted to older automated gate systems without having to dig up your driveway and are far easier to install than the loop systems that were the only previous option. Automatic closing systems have also been improved to prevent intruders from sneaking in after you.

In addition to simply opening and closing your gates, some motors can now be connected to your garden and perimeter lights or even your sprinkler system and can be programmed to switch them on at a predetermined time.

Remote controls have become more advanced too, with options that that feature rolling code technology. This means that each time you use your remote; a new and randomly selected code is transmitted, making it impossible for anyone to duplicate the code and operate your gate.

Another recent development is GSM mobile network-enabled monitoring and control devices. These enable you to keep an eye on and control your gates from anywhere in the world via your mobile phone.

With all these innovations, your automated gate will keep you, your family and your property safe.

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