Kids room accessories

Decorating a child’s room brings an element of imagination into any space. Transform a plain and bland room with four walls to a princess’ kingdom or a young racing car enthusiasts’ very own track. With these easy-to-install kids room accessories for children, planning and designing the young ones space is a fun and exciting task — with minimal maintenance and maximum enjoyment.


Spunky chairs

One fabulous product to have emerged in the market is funky chair sets as creative kids room accessories. These chairs by Mokki can enhance a child’s likes and hobbies, for instance sports for boys, while adding a functional furniture item. These chairs are creative, fun and will excite the children.

Toy boxes

Kids toy boxes serve two functions. On the one hand, they are an excellent storage facility for toys, games and puzzles, so that clutter is minimised and your child can learn to pack away after him/herself. On the other hand, they also serve as a decorative element that comes in beautiful shapes, colours and lots of different sizes.

General lighting

Funteriors offers children’s room lighting solutions in fun and colourful designs at very reasonable prices. From a rice paper lantern (if your theme is fairies) to striped designs, you can choose from a wide selection of styles and shades (if you’ll pardon the pun).

Night lights

Night lights are an excellent way to light up the room while your child sleeps, especially if they are in the phase where they don’t like darkness. It will appease the young ones mind while allowing for a good night’s sleep. The designs make use of fun prints, such as a dinosaur and a fairy.


Racing car beds

This is a classic for a reason. It’s not just boys who like the racing car beds, and this popular bedroom furniture design is a brilliant way to make your child grin from ear to ear, not to mention making bed time a lot more fun and a lot less of a challenge.

With these charming kids room accessories, you can transform your child’s bedroom from a place they avoid come bed time, to a place they run to willingly.


*This article was sponsored by Mokki

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