Kitchen countertop materials

When commissioning a kitchen design, one of the biggest considerations is kitchen countertops. These can change the entire look and feel of the kitchen, and for the cooking-enthusiast, are an extremely important focal point.

Mezo Kitchens earned a valuable reputation and excellent track record regarding quality, service and delivery. The company specialises in residential developments as well as individual projects, and all kitchen tops are finished in house. This offers a one-stop turnkey solution to customers.


When deciding on the type of countertop you want — and with the variety of options out there, you will be spoilt for choice — the first thing to consider is your budget. Some materials are slightly pricier than others, but like everything in life, you get the quality you pay for. Remember that a good kitchen countertop should last a very long time. You must also consider the function of the countertop — is it an actual work top upon which you will create mealtime masterpieces, or is it a decorative second kitchen top?


Mezo Kitchen worktops are available in a variety of materials, and many different colours. Take, for instance, the Formica worktops, a brand of laminate countertops that are made of melamine, paper and plastic resin. Major features of this form of countertop material is the smooth surface, the fact that it is easy to clean, and is durable.

Quartz is also available for countertops, yet another prevalent option, mostly due to the fact that it is resistant to cracking and chipping. Additionally, quartz is stain resistant and non-porous.


Then, of course, there are granite countertops. When it comes to kitchen countertops, granite is a phenomenon unto itself, and for good reason. It is an elegant worktop surface, can accommodate the heat in the kitchen, comes in a magnificent range of colours and a will last a lifetime. One important thing to remember with granite countertops is that if they are not sealed, they can absorb stains.


Finally, we have the solid wood worktop option. For a welcoming and homely appeal, wood is always a perfect choice, especially if it enhances the material chosen for doors, window frames and cabinetry. Maintenance is necessary on wood, but it is extremely easy to clean.

Whichever kitchen worktop material you select for your kitchen remodelling project, ensure that you select a reputable contractor so that all your bespoke needs are adequately catered for.

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