Kitchen splashbacks

When it comes to home trends, you can’t beat glass. One of 2013’s biggest and most prominent trends is the use of glass splashbacks in the kitchen or bathroom. The effects are beautiful and the quality is long-lasting. Gemini Frameless will take care of all your designer splashback needs.

Kitchen Splashbacks

Glass splashbacks

Splashbacks are the latest craze in one’s kitchen, bathroom or even bar area. A splashback is a 6mm piece of thick glass which is toughened for safety reasons and then painted on with a formulated paint. There is a range of colours to choose from and Gemini Frameless can even match a colour of your desire to match whatever you need it to. They are the new “tile” for walls. After the glass is manufactured and sprayed, they are installed using Hi-Tack adhesive for strong bonding to the wall.

Kitchen Splashbacks

Decorative and functional features

One of the best things about splashbacks is how customizable they are. With Gemini Frameless, you can have images or text embossed onto the splashback for an added decorative element. They are also highly durable and very hygienic, which makes them ideal for kitchen or bathroom areas — where cleanliness is a must.

Get the look

Glass splashbacks are modern alternatives to kitchen tiles and kitchen wall solutions. They are chic in design and have a glossy finish which will draw people into your kitchen or bathroom. They also offer a reflective surface, which seriously enhances the perception of space and light in the area they are used.

Kitchen Splashbacks

Benefits of glass splashbacks

Among being a beautiful decorative feature as well as enhancing space and light and emphasising hygiene, glass splashbacks have the following advantages:

  • Unique application in the home industry
  • You can choose your colours for extra effect
  • They will be fitted to your space, not the other way around
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Can be installed without hassle by professionals
  • Durable and long-lasting.

Add depth and dimension to your kitchen or bathroom with Gemini Frameless glass splashbacks this season.

*This article was sponsored by Gemini Frameless

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