Kitchen Storage Ideas

Your kitchen is considered the centre of your home, and with the everyday hustle and bustle, your kitchen can easily become cluttered and messy. When you maximise the storage potential of your kitchen, you are guaranteed to save time whether it is packing lunches in the morning or cooking family dinners at night.

When you are looking to redo your complete kitchen or have a few kitchen renovation ideas in mind, your kitchen storage is one of the most important aspects to keep in mind. There are great space saving tips and tricks for each kitchen type, whether you have a small kitchen with limited space or a large kitchen with big cupboards.

Corner Rotating Shelves


Everybody knows how frustrating it is when you cannot reach that specific dish or pot at the very back of the cupboard and you end up having to pack out the whole cupboard. Corner rotating shelves solve this problem as they maximise the space of a corner cupboard. They generally get installed with 2 tiers, where the height can be adjusted to suit your needs. Their rotating function makes this a practical solution as it increases the accessibility of your cookware.

Dish Drawer


If you love entertaining then you probably have many different plates and serveware that take up a lot of space on your kitchen shelves. Dish drawers are a great way to organise your plates. With their adjustable pegs, you can organise the drawer according to your own preferences. Dish drawers are designed to be deep and sturdy.

Spice Storage


A spice pull-out drawer allows you to keep your spices organised and close by when cooking. Keeping them in a drawer prevents the spices from falling over and breaking.

Drawer Inserts


Drawer inserts are a practical way of storing small things that can lay flat such as oven mittens, baking trays, cook books and more. Drawer inserts are inexpensive and help you make the best of the space available in drawers.

Vertical Pull out Drawers


Vertical pull out drawers require very little space and can be installed in odd corners with different shapes and widths. Vertical pull out drawers can be installed with 2- or 3-tiers, depending on what you would like to storage. This is the perfect way to store pantry items, spices, storage bottles and more.

There are many ways you can make the best of your kitchen storage. These are only a few ideas that are guaranteed to make your life a little easier by organising your kitchen that works best for you.

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