Kitchen technology

Every year, home industry experts across various categories come together to discuss the trends that they foresee for the year ahead. This is always an exciting time, especially if you are building a new home or renovating an existing one at the time of trends forecasting. It means that you can incorporate the latest kitchen technology trends into your new home before they even reach the mainstream market.

According to the American Institute of Architects, the predominant trend for 2013 that designers are seeing is in the kitchen. AIA Chief Economist Kermit Baker says that “kitchens have reclaimed their place as the true focal point of the home, with a growing emphasis on utilising more technology.”

The idea of the kitchen as a focal point in the home is not a novel idea; in fact it’s a trend that seems to recur fairly often. What is different about this, however, is the fact that kitchen technology is playing such a big role in the culinary area of the home.

Long gone are the days when a bowl of pasta took four hours to prepare. Never again will a person have to manually peel scorching hot tomatoes. Now, all you have to do is open up a tin and presto! Whole peeled tomatoes ready to go. Technology just shaved 45 minutes off your cooking time. This may seem like old news, but as an example of how much things have changed, I’d say the 21st century is looking good. And it’s getting better.

Cooking kitchen technology

The Defy 5-burner gas stove takes cooking to new heights with its ultra-modern appearance and 5 enamelled burners, which allows for more functionality of the stove thus minimizing required cooking time. The unit has a stainless steel hob as well as a tempered gas lid, a tempered glass oven door and adjustable feet. Furthermore, there is an oven-flame failure cut, thus reducing the risk of incidence, and the unit is also a continuous cleaning oven.

Dishwashing kitchen technology

The freestanding ’50s-style dishwashers from SMEG allow an old world charm back into the kitchen while maintaining new-age functionality. The colour rounded ’50s design has 13 place-settings and has a speed of 27 minutes for a nice quick cleanup. It also has five temperature settings ranging from 38° to 70°, an energy-saving option, as well as self-balancing hinges. The unit boasts an orbital washing system, a stainless steel filter, a concealed heating element and total Aquastop. Cleaning has been made easier and much more beautiful.

Kitchen Technology

Refrigeration kitchen technology

Now here’s where it gets exciting. LG technology has completely changed the face of refrigeration. The smart ThinQ technology is the latest innovation on the market that is literally taking the culinary world by storm. This level of technology operates in unison with smartphone technology to give your appliances intelligence. Literally. Your fridge can now tell you what is missing, can download recipes for you based on ingredients available, and operates a complete food management system. You can even check expiry dates of the contents of the fridge from outside your home!

Create a smart kitchen for yourself and optimise cooking processes to the point where the creation of a culinary masterpiece and the cleaning up thereof takes you no more time than necessary. Kitchen technology presents many options for the modern home owner – and make everything taste that much more delicious.

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