Landscaping accessories

Traditionally, landscaping can be divided into two categories: softscaping and hardscaping. While softscaping refers to all plant life and water features in the garden, hardscaping combines the use of “hard” features, such as paving and garden ornaments, and other landscaping accessories.

SmartStone offers functional landscaping accessories and hardscaping products to use in the garden and not only complement formal paving, but also complete your plant life.



Railways sleepers are mini concrete slabs that resemble wood and have a stunning effect in landscaping walkways throughout the garden. With a rustic, almost “cottage” vibe to them, these sleepers are ideal for your landscaping project.

Stepping Stones

SmartStone has two stepping stone options available to landscapers. On the one hand, you can use their timeless flagstones to create stepping stones throughout the garden. On the other hand, a very creative option exists for making use of tree rings as your garden stepping stones. Both have very beautiful garden effects.


Kerbing and Edging

SmartStone has several types of kerbing and edging landscaping accessories available, including:

  • Tulbagh Barrier Kerb – Rock textured barrier kerb
  • Tulbagh Mountabel Kerb — a rock textured, mountable kerb.
  • Large and Small Garden Kerbs – Edging for residential driveways
  • Cobbles — these can be used to create garden edging and corners

Garden Benches

SmartStone’s new garden bench is available in concrete with a wooden finish for extra durability and longevity. It will withstand the elements while creating a nook in your garden that you can use to enjoy a beautiful summers day with a good book or the morning newspaper.

Landscaping Ideas


The landscape’s alternative to pillars and columns, bollards were designed to be functional yet aesthetically pleasing. Available in various colour options and two finishes: smooth natural concrete and exposed aggregate.

Bird bath

No garden is complete without a bird bath that will welcome wildlife and create a wonderland in your own backyard. SmartStone offers a two-piece bird bath available in 15 different shades to blend in perfectly with your landscape.


*This article was sponsored by SmartStone

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