Let’s Gas It Up!

South Africans, all over, are accustomed to getting their coals on – not only over weekends, but any time of the day or week. Gas braais are becoming increasingly popular, and although a steep learning curve, presents the braaimaster with a couple of nifty tricks to impress even the most ardent of coal-braai-aficionados.

Ribs On The Grill

Chad O Chef’s Top Tips for Gas Grill Braaiing!

  • Your Gas Braai’s Hot-rocks need to heat up for a few minutes before braaiing, to spread the heat more evenly across the braai surface.
  • If you are Braaiing Steaks/Chops, Braai on “High”.
  • If you are Braaiing Chicken/Boerewors, put your meat on the braai to heat up slowly with the rocks and Braai on “Low”.
  • For the best flame grilled results: choose thick meat with a good chunk of fat on the side rather than thin “Minute steaks”.
  • To increase flames, use oil in your basting sauce, to decrease flames avoid oil in your basting sauce.
  • Open flame Braai’s cook faster than coal braai’s and as a result you will need to turn your meat more often to avoid “tanning” one side more than another.
  • Remember that having control Knobs on your Gas Braai, allows you to create differing heat zones across the braai surface, allowing you to time different meats to end at the same time more easily.
  • Chad-O-Chef Top Grids are Dishwasher safe so that you can spend more time enjoying your meat rather than spending your time cleaning.
  • To clean your Hot rocks, leave your Gas Braai on for a short while after braaiing to burn off all fat into carbon, this will clean off more easily than congealed fat.

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