Marbelite or fibreglass pools? Choosing your perfect pool

Installing a pool can be a major home improvement. There are, however, many things to consider when making the decision. Aside from shape and size, the most important decision is what material the pool should be made of: marbelite or fibreglass pools.

Marbelite pools are typically more expensive than fiberglass, but there are many benefits to a marbelite pool. Marbelite pools are created on site using cement and plaster, allowing you the freedom to customise the shape and size of the pool to your liking. They are often used to complement existing landscapes and to create a personal oasis, with features such as waterfalls, beach (sloped) entries, or custom flooring and steps.


An alternative to marbelite is fiberglass. Pre-moulded fibreglass pools are affordable and still provide high quality. A properly installed fiberglass pool can last up to thirty years with very little maintenance.

The pool shell is manufactured off-site and installed in one piece, making installation much quicker. Fiberglass pools do not need a liner, which is a major advantage.

Cleaning and maintaining a fiberglass pool is quick and easy, as the surface is glassy, making it difficult for algae to cling to the surface.

In summary, when deciding which kind of pool to install, consider cost, the ability to customise as well as pool maintenance.


You should choose a pre-moulded fiberglass pool if:

  • You are looking for the least amount of swimming pool maintenance.
  • You are looking for a quick installation.
  • You are looking for a small pool (5m x 10m or less)
  • You are looking for a pool that will have flexible strength (if your property experiences high ground vibration or movement)

Regardless of your choice, both pool finishes will provide you with many years of fun, relaxation and entertainment.


*This article was sponsored by Townhouse Pools

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