Natural wood veneer flooring

Wood adds warmth to any home. It is an inviting material, creating a cozy and welcoming ambience. One of the most important applications you can add to your home is the right flooring, and if you are in the market to make your home as cozy as possible while maintaining strength and durability, look no further than natural wood veneer flooring with PAR-KY and Traviata Flooring Systems.

What is PAR-KY?

Produced by Belgium market leaders in veneer processing, the Decospan Group, PAR-KY flooring is a product introduced in South Africa by Traviata Flooring Systems. PAR-KY is a veneer flooring that has a top layer of real wood, unlike other veneer products on the market, which use imitation prints to give it the real wood effect. This is why PAR-KY floors have the distinct impression of parquet floors. This also adds to the exclusivity of the boards since, like fingerprints, no two boards are the same.

Benefits of natural wood veneer flooring

There are an astounding number of advantages in using PAR-KY flooring, including:

  • Hygiene: every bevel between two PAR-KY floorboards has an antibacterial edge, meaning that bacteria can’t settle between the floorboards.
  • Impact-resistance: the floors are extremely strong and impact-resistant owing to the ultra-strong High-Density Fibreboard (HDF). The lacquer used to finish the boards enables this resistance.
  • Warranty: the veneer flooring is produced by market leaders who maintain the unquestionable quality of the flooring and offer a 12 to 15-year warranty to that effect (depending on the lacquering systems).
  • Maintenance and repair: there is no need to sand a PAR-KY veneer floor, which saves a great deal of effort and money, not to mention saving your home from unwanted dust.  Furthermore, the floors are completely humidity-proof and easy to maintain.

Veneer Flooring

Cleaning and maintenance tips

In order to ensure longevity of your PAR-KY natural wood veneer floors, use the following tips:

  • Use the PAR-KY Cleaner in order to avoid damaging the surface lacquer, which is available from Traviata. Wipe the floor with a well-wrung-out cloth or microfiber mop;
  • Don’t drag heavy or sharp objects across the floor. While the abrasion resistance is extremely effective, sharp point scratching must be avoided;
  • PAR-KY also offers a seal spray for each species of wood used to repair small scratches. Once applied, this spray also ensures the floor is resistant to dirt;
  • The standard hard nylon castor wheels should ALWAYS be replaced with the soft tread EPLF approved castor wheel (available from Traviata).

To add yet more allure to this magnificent range of flooring PAR-KY floors are available in Cottage Oak, Desert Oak, Mystery Oak, Golden Ash, Jatoba, Milk Oak, Smoked Walnut and Teak. PAR-KY floors are an exotic choice of flooring without the exotic prices.

This article was sponsored by Traviata Flooring Systems

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