Outdoor kitchen designs

The nature of the South African climate means more and more people are taking full entertainment outdoors. The latest trend to sweep the home improvement industry is the implementation of an outdoor kitchen. This fabulous, interesting culinary area extension brings the indoors out and creates a pleasurable outdoor activity.

Outdoor Kitchen

One of the first things to keep in mind with outdoor kitchen designs is the climate. As sunny and beautiful as our days have been, we cannot deny that some storms that hit us are catastrophic.

To that end, a sturdy structure needs to be built, and made to last. Use solid materials when you build, and take safety into account. Consider materials like stainless steel, concrete and brick.

The first and most important item for your outdoor kitchen design is a braai (or grill). There is a wide variety of options available here, and from a number of different suppliers and manufacturers. \

Next, consider items like electrical appliances (fridge) otherwise you’ll be forced to go back and forth during the preparation phase.├é┬áCabinets should also be installed, and some have opted for outdoor stoves. Firepits and pizza ovens are also options for cooking outdoors.

Once you’ve got your basic essentials in, the fun begins. If your budget permits, you can include anything in your outdoor kitchen from dishwashers and microwaves to ice-makers, wine coolers and even blenders. Remember that everything that you install in your outdoor kitchen needs to be waterproof.

Outdoor Kitchen Design

When it comes to laying out the outdoor kitchen, standard kitchen work triangle principles apply. This means that you must consider the flow of work, from storage to preparation and cooking to cleanup. Make sure the designer you select understands your needs and how you like to operate when cooking. Make sure you can always get to things easily.

Much like an indoor kitchen, lighting is extremely important. Another vital aspect is the countertops or work surfaces that are used. And when it comes time for cleanup, it helps to have an outdoor sink. As such, piping and electrical components will need to be installed, and for that you need reputable and qualified electricians and plumbers.

Experts recommend that the outdoor kitchen be designed under roof, or on a covered patio, but the braai or grill should be located where rising smoke won’t affect your family. For its foundation, the patio will need proper and sturdy flooring. A natural choice is concrete, because this material does not become slippery when wet, and is easy to clean. You also have constant resilience with concrete.

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