Awnings/Shade Coverings

Awnings/Shade Coverings
Choose the ideal window or patio covering with these awnings and shade covering solutions for your outdoor areas. Awnings and shade coverings add value to your home as well as creating a weather-proof sun and shade control solution.
  • Aluminium Awnings

    Aluminium awnings are a great addition to your home. It can easily be installed over doors & windows or be used to create shade in your patio area. Aluminium awnings can easily be customised and is a low maintenance solution. View Products

  • Carports

    Carports can easily be designed to be single or double and is manufactured from top quality materials such as aluminium, steel and more. Home Ideas has a range of professional suppliers who will have the ideal carport for you at great prices. View Products

  • Louvres & Adjustable Awnings

    Louvre and adjustable awnings will give you the flexibility to adjust your shade coverings as you need to. View Products